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Imran ViraniNov 28, 20221 min read

Mirai Makes Cyber Security Review's Top 10 List: Our Reaction

We at Mirai Security don’t do cybersecurity consulting for awards. We view cybersecurity as a noble purpose. One where we can offer organizations knowledge, expertise, and peace of mind for all their cyber business endeavours. However, we understand how flattering and special it is to be recognized by esteemed publications in our trade. It shows us that we are getting noticed by highly regarded members of the cyber community for the services we provide and the professionalism we project.

That is why we are privileged to be selected as one of Cyber Security Review’s Top 10 Canada Cyber Security Services for 2022. Cyber Security Review is a Canadian cybersecurity magazine, and an industry leader in reporting the ins and outs of the cybersecurity industry. Their commitment and passion for documenting cybersecurity make this an incredible honor, as they have chosen us as one of the ten best organizations our industry has to offer. In their words, Mirai Security “works closely with its clients to align cyber security initiatives with their business goals and ensure everything they do enables, protects, advances, and secures the organizations they work with.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves, and we are thrilled that Cyber Security Review understands our vision and appreciates our good work.

While some may see recognition as an opportunity to take it easy, to bask in the appreciation of a job well done, that is not who we are. Mirai will continue to work, grow, and innovate as a team. We want to ensure we are providing the best cybersecurity services to all of our clients. On top of this, we are expanding our operations as we rethink and reinvent cybersecurity consulting. Mirai would like to thank Cyber Security Review for this prestigious honor. We would also like them to know we will continue our commitment to doing cybersecurity better. Being included in the list of the Top 10 Canada Cyber Security Services Companies for 2022 is a wonderful achievement. We hope our drive for innovation will continue our recognition for the years to come.