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Cyber Security for Mining & Manufacturing

Machinery and technology used in mining and manufacturing industries are typically designed to last many years. Because of this, many outdated legacy systems are still in use today.

Numerous mining and manufacturing businesses use equipment designed and created pre-Internet, before cybersecurity was a pressing concern. Businesses operating in these industries can incur significant revenue loss if there is an interruption in their production process—which is exactly what is happening as a result of the often outdated equipment currently in use. On top of this, outdated systems bring about health and safety risks, including an increased likelihood of human error and injury.

Moreover, newer systems present their own challenges. The increased usage of IoT “Smart” technology in these systems creates additional cyber vulnerabilities for organizations, as many of these technologies were not designed with cybersecurity in mind.

Though they are linked in many of their cybersecurity challenges, both mining and manufacturing have issues unique to their industries.

Manufacturing companies are heavily targeted by ransomware attackers, as there is a perception within these circles that manufacturers are more likely to pay ransoms than other organizations. 

For the mining industry, regulatory factors play a significant role. Due to the financial and environmental impact of mining, governments have continued to pass stricter regulations on how mining companies operate in terms of their cybersecurity readiness. Ensuring your organization meets these requirements is crucial.

How can Mirai help?

  • Mirai Security helps keep manufacturing and mining operations secure. We do so by assessing, evaluating, and mitigating the risks of systems failing due to unexpected inputs so that businesses can continue with their normal operations. 
  • Our extensive work within the MM-ISAC group has made Mirai uniquely well-informed to threats in the mining industry and how to combat them. 
  • We help businesses in mining and manufacturing with assessing and quantifying risk. We can also help them navigate the complexities of digital transformation. 

If your business operates within or sells to the mining and manufacturing industries, we’d love to hear from you! Contact us to explore how we can address your challenges.

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Cyber Security for Mining & Manufacturing