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Sep 5, 20236 min read

Incident Response Imbalance

This year, Canada has experienced an unprecedented wildfire season. Starting earlier, ...
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Aug 16, 20231 min read

3 Things to Know about Breach Inheritance

Breach Inheritance: A cyber breach you inherit through a third-party supplier or partner ...
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Aug 9, 20232 min read

Cloud Security: To Cloud or Not to Cloud?

Go to The Cloud? Cloud Affords Us many capabilities, but I will focus on one of the most ...
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Jul 4, 20231 min read

But isn't Cloud more secure?

Cloud adoption is (for most cases) a no-brainer and businesses that don't have an IT army ...
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Feb 8, 20235 min read

4 Business Days: The New SEC Disclosure Rules

The times are a-changin' They say a rising tide raises all boats, and in the world of ...
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Feb 1, 20237 min read

Know Your App Services Before Your Enemy Does 

App Services: The low-down App Services are a service offered by Azure for easily ...
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Jan 23, 20232 min read

5 Proven Steps to Secure Your Company's Sensitive Data

As a company, protecting your sensitive data should be a top priority. With data breaches ...
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Dec 29, 20228 min read

The Most Costly Cyber Attacks of 2022: Trends and Impacts

2022 has seen a number of costly cyber attacks, with critical infrastructures such as ...
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Dec 20, 20222 min read

Security Impurities: News of the Week (December 15th - 20th)

Third-party bender: Uber’s latest breach When it comes to ensuring the security of large ...
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Dec 14, 20222 min read

Security Impurities: News of the Week (December 9th -15th)

Medical Outbreach: CommonSpirit latest breach is a worrisome trend
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Dec 8, 20223 min read

Security Impurities: News of the Week (December 2nd - 8th)

Practice what you breach: Australian Government passes new legislation increasing breach ...
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Nov 30, 20223 min read

Security Impurities: News of the Week (November 23rd - December 1st)

An arMLoad of pAIn: Cybersecurity problems with artificial intelligence and machine ...
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